Types of Houses You will Find in Lagos

types of houses in lagos

I once stumbled on a video on Youtube, where a content creator made a video replying to a comment that was asking “ Are there Serviced apartments in Nigeria” well i was taken aback. Why? you ask. I would say this is question shows how little people outside Nigeria really know about Nigeria’s housing system and how much it has evolved over time. If you are looking to relocate to Lagos and you do not know what type of houses you would find in Lagos? This article carefully explains the types of houses you would find in Lagos. 

Housing in Nigeria has evolved over time there are allot of new and modern buildings springing up, this is as a result of modernization, latest housing trends and technology. New ways of building and designing houses are now coming into play and Nigerian houses are not an exception to this growth. 

Different Types of Houses in Lagos.

Gone are the days when housing in Lagos used to be typically mud houses that are were covered in cement and not painted. I remember as a growing child I couldn’t tell the difference between all the different houses i saw, they were all houses to me, and as i got older it just got more confusing with reading and seeing more modern structures, If you were ever confused about housing types, I would be listing the different types of houses in Lagos narrowing it down to just seven in this article

types of houses in lagos

This is one building design is popular in Lagos. People prefer it as it does not require going up and down a stairs and it is super practical, especially for families and older folks. You don’t have to worry about accidents or falling down the stairs. Bungalows come in all sorts of sizes and styles, and they usually have big porches and open areas that allows breeze flow through nicely.

High-rise Apartments

 In big cities like Lagos and Abuja, you’ll find those tall apartment buildings reaching for the sky. They’re like modern towers and are designed to make the most out of small spaces. These high-rise apartments are a smart way tackle the issues of lack of land and to to solve the housing issues in urban areas, They typically stack up storey upon storey to house more residents.

Face to Face

This type of house is a common type of house in Lagos where you have different apartment doors all facing each other along a walkway that leads to the main entrances door. This is another structure popular in urban area like Lagos, house owners build these kind of houses to help accommodate more people.  This way of setting things up really brings everyone together, creating a tight-knit community and strengthening bonds between people.


This type of house consists of living units that are self-contained, meaning it has its own private amenities, including a kitchen, bathroom, and sometimes even a balcony. There are also different sizes and configurations to these houses and they can range from one-bedroom flats suitable for individuals or couples to larger two-bedroom or three-bedroom flats suitable for families. Amenities like parking spaces, laundry rooms, and outdoor spaces could also be inclusive depending on the landlord and rent pricing.


You may have seen duplexes but not know what it actually is. Typically its like having two houses together in one building. You know those houses that look like having two homes squished together. They are usually on each other with their own different entrances sometimes the connecting stairs can be inside or outside. This sort of setup is pretty common in busy cities where there’s not much space.

Detached Houses

A detached house is like a lone star in the housing sky. It stands on its own patch of land, without any strings attached to other houses or buildings. This type of structure are popular in planned estates ,They bring a feeling of having your own private haven, a sense of freedom and personal space.

Terraced Houses

A terraced apartment is a unique housing setup that combines the convenience of apartment living with the cozy charm of a townhouse. These apartments are part of a row of interconnected units, sharing common walls on either side but each unit has its own separate entrance. This structure gives residents a sense of community and shared spaces, but still enjoy their individual living spaces.

The Most Common Types of Houses in Nigeria

  • Bungalow: Bungalows are hands down the most common type of houses you’ll find all over Nigeria. If you take a stroll through Nigerian neighborhoods, you’ll quickly notice that bungalows are the go-to choice for many families. Bungalows are all about simplicity and practicality. These houses are designed to be just one level high. That means no climbing up and down stairs, which is great news for families with children or for older individuals who want to avoid dealing with staircases all the time. And given the warm weather in Nigeria, having everything on the same level makes a lot of sense.
  • Duplex: Duplex houses are split into two parts, one right on top of the other. This style works great in busy cities where there isn’t much space to spread out. The bottom part of the house is usually where the main living happens, while the upper part can be its own little apartment or just some extra room to hang out in and it’s a common type of house in Nigeria.
  • Terraced Houses: Terraced houses, they’re like a bunch of houses all linked together in a line, with walls they share. Think of them as houses holding hands! This clever setup is all about making the most of space in busy city areas where there’s not much room to spare.
  • Mansions: You know those big, fancy houses that just scream “rich and luxurious”? Yep, those are the ones! They come in all sorts of designs and sizes, but what they have in common are spacious rooms and impressive looks on the outside. It’s like a statement of extravagance and elegance all in one.

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