Pay your next rent monthly with Hiyalo!

Loan Repayment Calculator

Loan Repayment Calculator

Why Rent Financing

Fast approval
We can approve you for a loan in 24 to 48 hours so you can get the help you need right away
Easy Application
You can get a loan without stressful requirements
Flexible Payment
Choose the loan terms that best fit your needs.

STEP-BY-STEP on how it works

Tell us about yourself
Share with us some information about yourself including your name and your home address.
Tell us how much you need
By telling us how much you need and how long you want to repay for, you can access up to 5,000,000 naira upfront payment for your next rent payment.
Apply and get your loan approved
When you apply with all the important information, our loan manger gets back to you in no time, tells you the process to repay and our financial partner will open an account for you.
Give us your financial information
We request that you provide us with your bank details so that we can send the approved money to the right place and set up your debit.
Get your rent paid in full!
We send an upfront payment for your rent to your landlord or agency
Begin Your Repayment
Pay Hiyalo back monthly for the period of time you applied for.

Experience renting the Hiyalo way


Get connected with verified agents that have that apartment you want based on your budget is preferences.

Rent Financing

Found an apartment ? Get rent financing to help you secure your home without breaking the bank

Why Hiyalo?

The process is seamless
No paperwork, limitless options available. It’s fast and easy!

Enjoy a seamless process when you apply to get your rent paid in full.
You can have your next rent paid in just 24 Hours.
You can save time when you apply to get your rent paid.

Get approved and pay your rent in 24 hours!
Working Professional
Are you a working professional? Do you earn salary? You are welcome to pay your next rent with Hiyalo.

Raves keep coming in

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-18 at 14.28.15

“Gathering a bulk sum of money to get an apartment in Lagos is stressful especially when you include legal, agency and commission fees. But with Hiyalo, I got the bulk sum and was able to work out a stress free payment plan spread across months to work perfectly for me. I highly recommend using Hiyalo”

Evelyn Brisibe
Young african american man in public park

“I have never found an apartment in Lagos in only a few days before. Hiyalo changed my experience! Even though I was a bit skeptical about their promise, they found me an apartment within my budget and it didn’t take more than 2 days”

Olamilekan Jolaosho
Head shot portrait successful African businessman make videocall to client smile looks at cam wear wireless earphones listen counsellor, take part in business virtual meeting by video conference apps

“I was so nervous about applying for a house rent financing loan. I had heard horror stories about all these platforms. But my experience with Hiyalo was the opposite. The application process was seamless and easy to follow, the payment for the house was paid immediately I told them I found an apartment”



You can simply type www.hiyalo.com in your preferred browser or visit this link.

Proof of employment, government-issued ID, Pay Slip and your bank statement.

We can approve a loan of up to 5,000,000 naira, depending on your credit score.

No, we offer rent payment to all working professionals who need it.

No. For now, only working professionals/ salary earners can apply to get a rent loan.

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