Access up to N5,000,000 in Rent financing to sort your upfront rent

Pay Rent Monthly with RentFlex

Loan Repayment Calculator

Loan Repayment Calculator

Why RentFlex by Hiyalo?

Fast approval
We can approve you for a loan in 24 to 48 hours so you can get the help you need right away.
Easy Application
You can get a loan without stressful requirements.
Flexible Payment
Choose the repayment terms that work best for you.
No Paperwork Required
Getting your rent financing is as easy as ABC. No paperwork or guarantor needed.

How Does It Work?

Fill the Application Form
Get a call from our Loan Manager
Get your application approved
Get Rent Disbursed
Start Paying monthly

Experience renting the Hiyalo way


Get connected with verified agents that have that apartment you want based on your budget is preferences.

Rent Financing

Found an apartment ? Get rent financing to help you secure your home without breaking the bank


You can simply type in your preferred browser or visit this link.

Proof of employment, government-issued ID, Pay Slip and your bank statement.

We can approve a loan of up to 5,000,000 naira, depending on your credit score.

No, we offer rent payment to all working professionals who need it.

No. For now, only working professionals/ salary earners can apply to get a rent loan.

Hiyalo’s RentFlex comes at a 6.3% decreasing balance rate


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