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Overwhelming is the word  that comes to mind when I think of finding an apartment online, from the sheer number of apartments one has to filter from, to the number of agents you have to contact on various platforms, it can be a tiring and off putting task. If you are new to the using online platforms for your house search, you have been told you can it is a great way for you to get an apartment and all that, then you are at the right place. Let me share with you an experience of our client. 

Best website to rent from
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David a 500 level student of Unilag, tired of the bug infested hostels, decided to start search for an apartment to move into. His apartment search started from google, I mean for a tech  bro, it makes sense that his house hunting starts from the streets of google. Then he started experiencing the usual wahala: fake listings, agents not having what they listed, headache inducing agency fees “i literally thought i am no longer going to go on with this because i definitely didn’t sign up for this kind of stress”.

As luck would have it he was having a discussion with his sister and she mentioned a friend of hers was able to get an apartment through an online company, she said what stuck with her was how her friend kept emphasizing how fast and stress free the whole thing was. “I asked that she reach out the her friend to get the company name and she said HIYALO“. And that was how David got the Hiyalo Experience; and he has gone ahead to refer at least 2 of his friends to Hiyalo. 

What stood out for David though was how straightforward the platform was ,it allowed him to set his preferences on rent budget, location, etc. And how he was getting listing options 10-15 minutes after application.“Hiyalo is fast and they deliver on their apartment find promise without the stress”.

What is Hiyalo?

Hiyalo, is a Proptech company, that provides a fast and stress-free solution for obtaining rent loans, renting of apartments. Our goal is to change the renting experience of the busy professionals, helping them save time and money spent when searching for apartment.

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Why Hiyalo ?

Hiyalo is using cutting-edge technology to simplify the process of renting an apartment, removing all the usual headaches of rent payment, multiple house viewing, paying multiple agents and time spent finding an apartment. Our processes are designed to be easy, and straightforward, ensuring we gather the needed information to provide you with apartment that meets your needs and budget. We’ve taken the extra step to ensure that every agent on our platform has undergone a thorough verification process, giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with trusted agents. Additionally, we’ll connect you with agents who align with your budget preferences, making your apartment search even more tailored to your needs.  With Hiyalo Rent Financing securing your next apartment is easy, without the need for any tedious paperwork, you can easily get loan to pay your rent with just a click of a button.

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Why Hiyalo is The Best Site For Apartment Find

Hiyalo is your best bet when it comes to quick and effortless perfect apartment finds.

Here is why we’re the best.

  • Advanced Home Search Technology: Our smart search technology takes the hassle out of your apartment hunt. It sifts through data to match you with agents who have apartments that align with your budget, preferred location, and specific needs.
  • Your Budget, Your Choice: We put you in control. You determine your budget, and we provide recommendations based on your preferences, ensuring you find options that meet your financial expectations.
  • Trustworthy Agent Connections: Your safety is paramount. We go the extra mile to meticulously vet and verify our agents, ensuring that you’re in the hands of reputable professionals you can rely on.
  • Rent Financing: At Hiyalo, we’re not just a platform for finding apartments; we also offer a unique solution to make your rent more manageable by providing rent payment loans that can be repaid on a monthly basis.
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