Flooding in Lagos : Places Frequently Affected by Flood in Lagos. 

flood in Lagos

When it comes to renting an apartment, there are numerous factors to consider. One crucial aspects to keep in mind, especially in a city like Lagos, is the risk of flooding. Lagos is known for its heavy rainfall and poorly managed drainage system, which often leads to severe flooding in certain areas. To ensure a great living experience, it is essential to be aware of the areas that are affected by floods in Lagos. This article,  aims to help you in identifying places that are often affected by flood in Lagos.

Lagos, for  years now has been facing issues related to floods making a whole number of people losing their properties, lands, cars and lives. Experts are raising concerns that ongoing sea level increases could render the city uninhabitable. During the rainy season, many parts of Lagos are susceptible to flooding. The combination of subpar drainage systems, insufficient maintenance, and unregulated urban expansion exacerbates this issue.

flood in Lagos

 Popular Areas in Lagos Affected By Flooding.

  • Agege: located on the mainland, Agege is known for its frequent flooding incidents. Poor drainage systems and inadequate infrastructure contribute to the high vulnerability of this area. If you are considering renting an apartment in Lagos, it is advisable to avoid Agege due to the significant flood risks associated with this location.
  • Mushin : Mushin, another area in mainland Lagos, is also prone to flooding. The inadequate drainage system and poor urban planning make this neighborhood highly susceptible to flood-related issues. It is recommended to explore alternative options if you are searching for a flood-free apartment in Lagos. And maurally, Lagos is situated beneath sea level, causing its Lagoon to become the meeting point for waters from various rivers including the Ogun River, Ona Ibu River, Osun River, and Sasha River, which flow through multiple South-West states.
  • Lekki: The Lekki Sub-Region comprises of a naturally formed peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean East of Lagos City and on Lagos Lagoon, which makes some part in Lekki prone to flood
  • Surulere: Flooding poses a significant challenge in Surulere, where even light rainfall can turn streets into waterways, and on many occasions, water levels rise to the point of affecting houses. During the rainy season, the intensity of rainfall within short timeframes results in an overflow of water and subsequent floods. Additionally, poor soil permeability prevents much of the rainwater from seeping into the ground. Compounding the problem is inadequate urban planning, as buildings often obstruct natural water paths, while narrow canals struggle to manage the influx of rainwater. Unpaved roads worsen the situation, turning into muddy and uneven pathways under heavy downpours.

More areas are still affected by flood which includes

  • Agric, 
  • Ketu, 
  • Owode
  •  Elede,
  •  Agboyi 1,
  •  Agboyi II, 
  • Agboyi III, 
  • Ajegunle, 
  • Alapere,
  •  Alagbole, 
  • Owode Onirin,
  •  Kara, 
  • Isheri 
  • Olowora, 
  • Araromi 
  • Otun Orisha community,
  •  Agiliti,
  •  Maidan,
  •  Mile 12, 
  • Orile Patele, 
  • Odo Ogun, 
  •  Chevron,

Places Not Affected By Flooding in Lagos

While some areas in Lagos are prone to flooding, It is good to remember that Lagos is a sprawling city and there so many other locations that remain relatively unaffected. Here are some popular neighborhoods in Lagos not affected by floods

  • Ilupeju
  • Lekki (Some Parts) : Including Nicon town Estate, Still waters garden, discovery garden estate  etc. 
  • Osborne foreshore estate. 
  • Ikorodu ( Some Parts) : Ijede, Gberigbe, Imota, Eyita, Itamaga, Elepe, Erunwen etc. 
  • Carlton gate estate 
  • Oniru Estate 
  • Eko Atlantic 

Flooding may seem like a minor issue but many lives , properties have been lost to this yearly, in 2022 only over 600 people alone have been killed by flooding, Knowing very well that we can’t provide solutions to nature’s causes but we can minimize its dangerous effect to an extent, if you find yourself living in an area that is prone to flooding in Lagos, here are a few steps you can take to mitigate the impact and ensure your safety:

  • Always stay informed 
  • Relocate in necessary
  • Prepare an emergency kit.

Conclusion: With proper planning and awareness, you can find a flood-free apartment and enjoy a comfortable living experience in Lagos. click here to read “ What to check in an apartment during inspection”. You can find and apartment not affected by flooding, Check out HIYALO if you need an apartment

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