The Most Peaceful Areas in Lagos?

peaceful areas in Lagos

Lagos: Is it really a city for the faint of heart? Most Nigerians see Lagos as a bustling metropolis, always on the move, where you must always be on your toes. But despite this, people still flock to Lagos every day in search of opportunity and a better life.

So, is Lagos really the dangerous and chaotic city that it’s notorious for? Or is there more to Lagos than meets the eye? The truth is, Lagos is a city of contrasts. It’s a city full of life, energy, and opportunity. But it’s also a city with its fair share of problems, including crime and poverty. That said, there are many peaceful areas in Lagos where you can live without having to experience the street side of the city. These areas offer residents a sense of community and safety, while still providing access to the many amenities and opportunities that Lagos has to offer.

If you’re thinking about moving to Lagos, or if you’re already living in Lagos and are looking for a more peaceful place to live, this article is for you. We’ll explore some of the most peaceful areas in Lagos and discuss why they are considered peaceful.

Popular Peaceful Areas in Lagos.

peaceful areas in Lagos

While Lagos is known for its bustling metropolis and vibrant life, there are also many peaceful areas in the city where residents can enjoy a more serene living environment. These neighborhoods offer a quiet escape from the chaos of the city, while still providing access to all the amenities and opportunities that Lagos has to offer.

Banana Island:  Banana Island is a beautiful and exotic place located in Lagos, Nigeria, Which is situated in the Lagos Lagoon,  this man-made island is also known for its luxurious lifestyle, stunning views, and upscale real estate. The infrastructure on Banana Island is designed to meet the highest standards. All Residents enjoy access to top-notch amenities, including well-maintained roads, reliable power supply, and a well-developed water supply system. Security is a top priority, with the island being one of the most secure residential areas in Lagos. These qualities give it the ability to be known as one of the peaceful places in Lagos.

Victoria Island:  Victoria Island, or simply VI as it’s often called, is more than just a neighborhood in Lagos. It’s a vibrant hub of diversity. Hosting embassies from countries like Russia, Bulgaria, Germany, and Great Britain, VI is not just a residential area; it’s a cultural meeting point. Beyond its diplomatic allure, VI holds its own as a major business and commercial district in Lagos. Victoria Island isn’t just exclusive; it’s a lifestyle.  VI is a standout neighborhood, not only within Lagos but throughout Nigeria. It’s a place where the essence of Lagos meets an international flavor, which creates a unique blend that defines this exceptional part of the city.

Ikeja GRA : Living in Ikeja GRA is akin to the comfort found in Lekki Phase 1. The key to creating a peaceful community lies in meeting the essential needs of its residents. Ikeja GRA takes pride in its meticulous planning and well-organized structure, a robust security, relish in stable electricity also fostering a sense of order, peace and comfort that makes it more than just a place to live

Ogudu: Estates in Ogudu are places which you can check out as they offer just serene streets; it’s a pocket of Lagos that offers respite from the usual hustle.

Other places includes 

  • Lekki Phase 1
  • Surulere: 
  • Abraham Adesanya Estate: 
  • Anthony

What makes them Peaceful

Limited Congestion: In areas that are known to be peaceful, the absence of heavy traffic congestion, typically results in smoother commuting and less noise pollution.

Serenity and Seclusion: In exclusive districts like Banana Island and Bourdillon Road, residents find solace in the tranquil and private atmosphere, making these areas a magnet for those who desire a quieter and more exclusive lifestyle. 

Limited Commercial Activity: Neighborhoods like this tend to have limited commercial and industrial activity, resulting in fewer disruptions and a quieter atmosphere.

Environmental Maintenance: The commitment to maintaining a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment contributes to the overall peace and beauty of these areas. 

Security Measures: Many of these areas are gated communities or have a strong focus on security, which fosters a sense of safety and peace among residents.

Quality Infrastructure: The presence of well-maintained infrastructure, including good roads, street lighting, and public services, also contributes to the overall peaceful living conditions.

Well-Structured Neighborhoods: These areas are characterized by well-planned layouts, organized road networks, and orderly development, which reduce traffic congestion and noise pollution.

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